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Dip and Sugar Indicator

Sugar is added in many products that people don't normally assume contain sugar.  The amount found in beverages can actually be quite high.  Having a reliable, quick indicator could proven to be very important for many people, especially those who are very sensitive to sugar and those with health problems such as diabetes and obesity where sugar avoidance is particularly beneficial.

Dip and See sugar indicator comes in a compact pill case with a key chain.

Think about hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, diabetes-awareness campaigns, health fairs and weight loss centers.

How Dip and See sugar indicator is used?

Dip and See Sugar Indicator is based on natural substances and is designed to detect sugar/glucose in beverages and soft foods.  Using a single indicator, you will be able to quickly see if product is sugar free. 

Use in

Soda,  Coffee, Tea, Puree, 

and All drinks

Dip and See indicator will turn dark when the beverage contains 5 gram of sugar.  And will remain light green if the  product is sugar free.  This is a single use only.

Color indicator
light green = product is sugar free
Darker color, product contains sugar

Why Us?

We have been in business for over 12 years.  Dr. Dilcia Granville, the inventor of Dip an See, has been a Diabetes Educator for over 25 years and is an Advisory Board member for the American Diabetes Association.


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